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This course provides a framework for understanding the importance of rooftop equipment securement. We’ll review current methods that are no longer code compliant and explore modern innovative solutions that properly secure all rooftop equipment and accessories. We will examine the critical need for application appropriate planning, calculating and installation.

  1. Importance of Rooftop Equipment Securement: The course likely starts by highlighting the significance of securely fastening rooftop equipment. This is crucial to ensure the safety and stability of these installations and to prevent potential hazards or damage.
  2. Review of Outdated Methods: The course may discuss older methods and practices that are no longer in compliance with current building codes and safety standards. This can include outdated techniques for securing rooftop equipment that may be insufficient or pose risks.
  3. Exploration of Modern Innovative Solutions: To address the shortcomings of outdated methods, the course likely delves into contemporary and innovative solutions for rooftop equipment securement. These solutions may involve new technologies, materials, or best practices that improve safety and compliance.
  4. Application Appropriate Planning: Proper planning is essential when securing rooftop equipment. This involves assessing the specific requirements of each installation, considering factors like equipment type, location, weight, and environmental conditions. The course likely emphasizes the importance of tailoring securement methods to suit the unique needs of each situation.
  5. Calculating Securement Needs: Accurate calculations are crucial to determine the appropriate securement methods and the required load-bearing capacity. Students or participants may learn how to perform these calculations to ensure that equipment is adequately supported.
  6. Installation Procedures: The course probably includes guidance on the proper installation of securement systems, emphasizing adherence to safety protocols and industry standards.

By covering these topics, the course aims to educate participants on the importance of rooftop equipment securement, guide them away from outdated practices, and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure compliance, safety, and effectiveness in securing rooftop equipment and accessories.