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Anchor Products is proud to present a series of online training courses for Architects, Engineers, Roofing Consultants, building owners and other professionals in the construction industry. Each course will cover information and learning material that will help you build a more efficient and accurate design for your project. Most courses are eligible for AIA, IIBEC and NABCEP CE credits. As a technical information resource, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know to build a strong foundation for a successful future.

CE Courses


Rooftop Equipment Securement: Codes and Solutions

This course provides a framework for understanding the importance of rooftop equipment securement. We’ll review current methods that are no longer code compliant and explore modern innovative solutions that properly secure all rooftop equipment and accessories. We will examine the critical need for application appropriate planning, calculating and installation.


Why Snow Retention for Low-Slope Single Ply Roofs is a Smart Decision

This course will provide a framework for identifying the importance of snow retention on single-ply rooftops for the safety and protection of people and property below and the roof surface. We will explore the need for snow retention on low-slope roofs including TPO, PVC, and EPDM, how to assess the need for installing snow retention, develop a working knowledge on how to calculate the proper design and review proper installation methods and identify common mistakes when installing snow retention.


Fastener Selection for Rooftop Equipment Anchorage

Learn about common roofing fastener descriptions, uses and force resistance. Be able to determine which fastener is right for my project conditions. And understand how testing the substrate to design specifically for each project is required. And be able to identify common fastener installation and design errors.

Educational Resources


Roof/Solar PLRs and Opinions “Is it too good to be true”?

Smart use of available tax incentives allow for Free Power, Roofing and Solar, current tax incentive can offset the entire cost of a rooftop PV system. Learn how roofs can be more than a money suck and turn a sunk cost into an investment vehicle. For owners of multiple properties, this program makes rooftop PV the best financial choice regardless of the variables that traditionally dictate a rooftop PV investment.


Installation of Rooftop Accessories on Low Slope Single Ply Roofs

There is a right way and a wrong way to put anything on a Low Slope Single Ply Roof, in this course we will guide you and your install team on how to tell the difference and learn how to install all rooftop accessories – the right way.


Wind and Seismic Effects on Rooftop Mounted Equipment and your Roof System.

Join us for 50 minutes of exhilarating photos and descriptions of mangled roofs and equipment caused by the combination of improper installation and forces of nature and human error. From the obvious destruction of a gale force winds to a windy afternoon, see how easily it is for rooftop equipment to be nudged, moved, and thrown across a roof.

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